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DNA Submission Deadlines

Producer receives results roughly 18 days after samples are delivered to the lab.

Deadlines to Submit to Superior Farms

August 6th
September 3rd 
October 2nd
November 5th 

Instructions for Flock54℠ Parentage & Genomic Condition Testing


For each animal that you are testing with Flock54℠, you will need to collect a quality DNA sample and record the following six items:


  1. Sample ID: This is the unique ID of the sample collection device. It can be the barcode on the Tissue Sample Unit (TSU) or any number that identifies that individual sample.

  2. Animal ID or Tag#: A unique number that identifies each animal you are submitting for testing. The Sample ID and Animal ID will be paired for the entire testing process and ensure you get the correct results back.

  3. Sex: Indicates the sex of each specific animal.

  4. Sample Type: Describes the type of sample that has been submitted, such as a TSU, blood tube, tissue sample, semen, etc.

  5. Breed: Indicates the breed of the animal being submitted for testing.

  6. Relation: Identifies the animal being submitted as a lamb, sire, or dam.

*All sample information needs to be recorded in the official Flock54 Submission form and sent back electronically as an excel file or google doc with permissions removed. We will no longer accept handwritten submissions.




After you have collected the samples and recorded the necessary information, the samples are ready for submission to Superior for processing. Please note, that if you are sending tissue, such as tail docks or ear notches, they need to be frozen and should be overnighted to the Superior office. Other sample types should be kept cool and out of direct sunlight and shipped as soon as convenient.


Contact Karissa Isaacs with any questions.

Phone: (970) 629-1539




Karissa Isaacs

2530 River Plaza Drive, Suite 200

Sacramento, Ca 95833


ALLFLEX TSU: (See image of tools)

  1. Load the Allflex tissue applicator with an unused tissue punch (red plunger is visible in used punches).

  2. Slide the applicator over the ear, and position the cutter approximately 1 inch from the edge of the ear.

  3. Squeeze the applicator handles together to take a sample, then release to free the ear.

  4. Remove the tissue punch from the device and check that the sampling has been successful.

  5. Store Allflex TSU in Allflex racks at room temperature for up to 12 months. Allflex racks are available if needed.

  6. Ship samples at room temperature.






  1. Remove the straw of semen from the tank and make sure it is properly labeled with a unique ID for the animal. Unique ID must match what is recorded on the sample submission form.

  2. Package the straw in a protective manner to prevent breakage during transit. Common practice is to ship in cane or to place the straw inside of a hollow pen (remove ink).

  3. Ship semen samples with ice packs.




  1. Whole blood must be collected in the purple-topped Vacutainer tubes that contain an anticoagulant.

  2. Prior to collection of the blood sample, label the blood tube with the animal’s unique ID. This unique ID must correspond to the ID on the sample submission form.

  3. After blood collection of 1mL of blood, invert the blood tube 8-10 times to mix blood with anticoagulant.

  4. Make sure to use a new, clean needle and syringe for each animal to prevent cross contamination.

  5. Keep samples refrigerated until shipping. Ship samples overnight with ice packs.



  1. Ensure the ear notching tool is clean to prevent cross-contamination between animals.

  2. Take a proper size sample. Place sample into labeled collection bag.

  3. Check that the ear notch is free of dirt, feces, and tattoo ink.

  4. Store the collected ear notches in refrigerator or freezer for max 72hrs.

  5. Ship samples overnight on cold packs.

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