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Genomic Testing



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It used to be that genetic improvement within the sheep industry relied on the visual inspection and selection of the animals.  However, new technology now provides sheep producers the ability to make more informed, efficient changes to their flock. 


RILE Ag, LLC is leading the effort with their Flock54℠ program to introduce new genomic selection tools that enhance the U.S. sheep industry.

Flock54℠ is a targeted genotyping panel that allows producers to test their flock’s DNA for animal parentage and traits associated with disease, production and meat quality.  This genetic test was created by Superior Farms in coordination with the University of Idaho and will be marketed through RILE Ag. 

Infographics:  Production Cycle | Carcass Cycle

As more producers utilize Flock54℠ testing to determine parentage based on DNA, they are able to accelerate genetic improvement within the flock, specifically with the sires/fathers. Using this genetic tool, producers can match the sires with their lambs, ultimately tracing the lambs through harvest.  Pairing this genetic tool with the camera grading technology at our processing plants will enable producers to identify the sires that yield a higher quality, more consistent meat product. 

The U.S. sheep flock will improve significantly as more producers make genetic selection based on traits associated with disease, production and meat.  OPP resistance, callipyge (double muscling), fertility, and scrapie are just a few of the inherited traits and disorders that Flock54℠ testing can reveal.  Identifying these traits in the breeding flock will allow producers to make decisions that will ultimately increase profitability for themselves and increase product quality for consumers. 

RILE Ag is excited to launch this DNA test to the industry. To find out more, contact us today.


PRODUCERS across the country are collecting DNA from their flock to
identify disease traits, increase fertility and twinning, and determine
parentage. You can do the same. Contact us to learn more.


SEEDSTOCK PRODUCERS use DNA to market rams based on disease resistance, carcass traits and fertility. You can do the same. Get Flock54℠ Certified. Contact us to learn more.


Test your sheep on Flock54℠ program for only $20 per head. Members of Superior Farms Producer Leader Program are eligible for discount. To learn more, contact us.



For a list of the traits available under the Flock54℠ testing service and to find out how to submit samples for testing your flock’s DNA, send us your information here and we will contact you soon.

Thank you!

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